HVAC systems, boilers and controls, electrical power distribution, fire protection, fire alarm, CCTV, plumbing, and elevators for new, and existing facilities

  • NY CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY - Existing Boiler Plant Replacement, at  "Gunn Hill" Housing Site
  • NY CITY HOUSING  AUTHORITY - Complete Boiler Plant Replacemen at the "Vernon Avenue" Site
  • NY CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY - Replacement of all of  Boilers at the "Lavamburg  Homes" Site
  • NY CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY - Upgrade Sprinkler Systems in all of the New York City Bldgs.
  • HOBOKEN HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Sprinkler System, Video Surveillance Upgrades. Six Sites
  • HOBOKEN HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Elevator Upgrades, Jackson Gardens and Harrison Gardens
  • HOBOKEN HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Engineering Design, "As Needed Basis", two (2) years
  • JERSEY CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Construction Management Services, on "As Needed" Basis
  • JERSEY CITY HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Design of Fire Alarm Systems, at Berry Ghallway Gardens
  • PLAINFIELD HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - MEP Design, and CM. Emergency Generators at Richmond Towers 
  • NEWARK HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Electrical Power Upgrades,  "Citywide"

  • ELIZABETH HOUSING AUTHORITY, NJ - Design of Security Systems,  "Citywide"